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Classic Pizza4df0778d469a4

Sveba Dahlen Classic Pizza (Modular)


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Sveba-Dahlen has delivered pizza ovens all over the world since 1970.The Classic Pizza Oven is a robust and reliable oven designed to meet every user's requirements for functionality and convenience.

The classic pizza oven is a reliable and durable oven that comes in many sizes. It is built to withstand high loads. The well-insulated oven chamber keeps the heat inside the chamber, where it should be, and it has double halogen lighting. The instrument panel is angled towards the oven door so it's easy to work with. The oven reaches the set temperature fast and each oven section, as well as, the top, bottom and front heat are separately controlled.

The Classic pizza ovens are modular, this means that you can tailor your oven according to your production. The ovens are available in four different widths from
635 mm up to 1580 mm wide and can be built up to three decks high.