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Femac is the leading supplier of of bakery equipment and other food processing equipment.

Our range of equipment includes the followings:

  • Mixers – Planetary, Spiral & Horizontal Mixers
  • Bread Makeup Equipment – Bun Divider & Rounder, Continuous Divider Rounder System, Industrial bread, pizza & donut production plant.
  • Pastry Equipment – Pastry Sheeters & Pastry production Equipment.
  • Baking Ovens – Deck, Rack & Tunnel Ovens
  • Bake-off Equipment, kitchen equipment and stainless steel equipment
  • Food Encrusting Machine
  • Egg process Equipment – Egg Cracker, Egg White & Yolk Separator, Egg washer & cleaner equipment.
  • Baking Accessories and Baking Utensils – a wide range of baking trays for your baking needs.

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