Convection VS Conventional Oven Explained

by  admin-femac  on 7th December 2015

Convection VS Conventional Oven



Many of our customers have asked us what the difference between a Convection Oven and a Conventional Oven

Convection Oven – Oven with Fan to circulate hot air.

Conventional – Static heat radiating from the top / bottom elements.


There are some multifunctional or advanced ovens which can decrease the fan speed and also toggle between using the the top grill and heating element with fan.

Types of food which are able to withstand the fan speed of a convection oven are those with a heavy batter like

1) Cupcakes

2) Muffins

3) Fruit Cakes etc….


Those light batter that will be affected by the fan speed will be like

1) Sponge cake

2) Souffle etc…


So which is the better oven?

This all depends on your product you’re baking.


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