Venix Oven

by  admin-femac  on 9th November 2015

Chef Nicke Wong, The Corporate Chef from Venix, was down at our kitchen to showcase the versatility of the new Venix Combi Oven.

Most people would think an oven would have a limited dishes that it could prepare but she has shown us that not only is it possible to prepare a wide variety of dishes but also the ease of use and the correct technique and knowledge in preparation and to know which items to be first or last in the oven.


Today’s Menu:

1) Roast Pork (燒肉)

2) BBQ Pork (叉燒)

3) Hainanese Chicken Rice

4) Sambal Brinjal

5) Steamed Bean Sprouts

5) Egg Tart



The Preperation Stage

ian_3731_22475959439_o  ian_3738-2_22680127520_o

ian_3734_22879258431_o  ian_3827_22879265021_o

ian_3749_22854622382_o  ian_3753_22868118045_o

ian_3776_22475962709_o ian_3763_22449750947_o ian_3787_22879262611_o




Into the Oven it Goes

ian_3841_22842129566_o  ian_3754_22854622612_o

ian_3790_22680131010_o  ian_3945_22224388604_o

ian_3755_22245361754_o ian_3894_22245370674_o ian_3845_22854628862_o

ian_3925_22475973329_o ian_3853_22854629232_o




The End Results

ian_3860_22680135260_o  ian_3890_22245370454_o

ian_3957_22449763557_o  ian_3971_22428759537_o

ian_3954_22821121556_o ian_3959-edit_22821121256_o

ian_3938_22680141470_o  ian_3932_22225982763_o

ian_3911_22833581742_o  ian_3907_22680139850_o

ian_3986_22428774508_o  ian_3987_22428759237_o

ian_3958_22449792798_o ian_3962_22868132495_o ian_3889_22847126705_o