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Sveba Dahlen Template5164b7f4d0e0b

Sveba Dahlen Classic Deck (Modular)


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The Classic Deck Oven can rightfully be called a baker's classic. We designed the first model in 1992 and today Classic can be found all over the world. Anyone who has ever used a Classic has something good to say about it.

Many praise its' flexibility. The module system with six different oven sizes, and a wide range of accessories such as D-panel, stone soles, steam generator, underbuilt prover and turbo start, give each bakery the opportunity to create an oven which suits its requirements.

Others emphasize the quality. The important parts of the oven are built in stainless steel to ensure a maximum lifetime and minimal maintenance.

We are all satisfied with the baking results. Classic is an oven which appeals to bakers who want to bake in a genuinely traditional way, but with the most modern technology.

We can summarise the general consensus of opinion about Classic like this: it's probably the best deck oven in the world.