Atoll Speed AS 300T


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The most recent innovation from Kolb is the Atoll Speed, developed in joint effort of specialists from Switzerland, Germany and France.

Atoll Speed perfectly combines powerful microwave and convection technologies and is able to significantly shorten baking times for a large variety of foods, while maintaining a freshly baked flavor and a crispy golden surface.

Atoll Speed is ideally suited for Coffee Chains, QSR, Convenient Stores, Snack Bars, Restaurants, and Bakeries, where customers, who have little patience, appreciate warm food of high quality.

Atoll speed 300:
– Defrosts, re-heat, cook, bake and brown in one process. Start counting cooking time in seconds and not minutes.
– Fully adjustable microwave power and hot air flow to reach your required result with any product.
– Highly insulated baking chamber, low running costs.

Product specifications:
– External dimensions (WXDXH mm): 540X695X420
– Baking Chamer Dimensions (WXDXHmm): 320X320X170
– Weight: 61kg
– Voltage:230V
– Current: 15A
– Power: 3.4 kW