Houno Visual Cooking CPE1.06

Houno Visual Cooking CPE1.06


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Tray Size: GN 1/1

6 Trays

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Choose Visual Cooking when quality matters. These combi ovens are your multi-functional partners in the kitchen. With a host of exciting cooking modes and features, they take cooking to the next level and ensure delicious cooking results, year after year.

With more than 100 different oven solutions, Visual Cooking embraces the widest range of combi ovens in the world.




Choose our 2-door oven solution PassThrough to improve logistics in your kitchen and save time.

If you place the PassThrough oven between the kitchen and the serving area, the oven can be loaded from the kitchen side and unloaded from the opposite side when the products are ready. This way, you form a sharp separation between the products to be cooked and the products already cooked – thus preventing cross contamination when you e.g. handle poultry.

PassThrough is available in all electric oven models in size 1.06